Water Damage

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Water Damage

When your home is flooded and is being threatened by water damage, it would be best to call only the professionals. They in turn have the expertise to mitigate the effects water damage can do to your home and property. Aside from that, they will also preserve and even restore.

We have the necessary equipment and also the expertise to handle just about any challenging water damage situations. Plus, we are available round the clock for that immediate addressing.

We boast of varied water removal equipment that is top of the line. We have moisture detectors to measure moisture saturation. We also use infrared camera to identify where the water comes from. Plus, we also have submersible pumps to get rid of the water and portable extraction units.

Our job does not only end once the water has been removed. We also do sanitizing, germicides and also anti-microbial treatments. Not to mention, we have hi-tech drying equipment too.


  • Andy smith
    Professional advice but with a very personable team.  Water Damage Clean Up LA has expertise in not just handling the tough issues with water damage, but also in putting you at ease.  There is very little that is more stressful than finding out you have water damage, but knowing it will be handled quickly and with care takes a lot of that stress out of a bad situation.
    Andy smith
  • John Doe
    Aaron & his team took care of my small water damage job and treated it like it was their one and only job! The impeccable customer service started the moment I called and continued through my two week house repair. Not just by the owner but by everyone on the crew. They treated my house with respect and gave me an detailed oriented finished result.
    John Doe

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